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Taylor Farm was started in 2003 when I needed to retire my injured and older show horses. After a long search for a farm with grass fields and flat ground, I bought 37 acres in New Hartford, CT in northwest Litchfield County, and set about totally renovating the home, barn and property.


I started with two of my own retired horses, but with few true horse retirement farms in southern New England, I started getting requests to retire others' horses. Fourteen years later, we have 18 retirees of all sizes and shapes, but with one overriding similarity - they are all loved by their owners and once here at the Farm, they are all equally loved by us! 

Thank you for visiting. Please read on and if you are looking for horse retirement, rest, or lay up for your horse, I hope you'll consider Taylor Farm!

Lynn Taylor, owner and manager

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Our Mission


We are a true horse retirement farm, with no riding facilities on the Farm. We have a few stalls for lay up and medicine paddocks, but mostly the horses live 24/7 in matted sheds in large grass paddocks. If you search around New England, you will not find many similarly dedicated and perfectly set-up facilities. All the horses are in small, carefully matched groups with hay and grain year round, and heated automatic waterers. We aim to give your beloved horse a peaceful, safe, and well-deserved retirement. And we also want you to feel confident that you can leave your horse in our care and we'll treat him as we treat our own.

Horse Retirement: Making the Decision

Making the decision to retire your horse can be very difficult. After all, you've likely been a team for a while, and now you're moving him to a new stage in his life where you won't interact the same way. If your decision is driven by his advancing age and the desire to let him be "just a horse," that's one thing. It's bittersweet, but he deserves it. But if it's due to illness or injury, then that brings on a whole different set of emotions.

There are a lot of choices to consider, and if you are like most people, you've never done this before. Near? Far? Stall or turn out 24/7? In a group or alone? What's your budget? Do you want to leave the care to the farm, and visit occasionally, or visit all the time? We can help you work through the choices so both you and your horse are happy!


The Farm

Check out our blog for information on what's happening at the Farm! We are always doing something to make it better for the horses and the people who take care of them!

We have a lot of them! But what's a horse farm without dogs? We'll introduce them to you if you come visit! Mostly German Shorthaired Pointers, but we have mutts too, and a mix of rescues.

Meet some of our residents


retired show horse, 20, gelding, Dutch Warmblood


Retired in 2008 after multiple years earning national titles as a Green and Junior Hunter, "Q" is now ruling the roost with his buddy, Spencer. Two fat boys, they spend a lot of time sleeping these days!


  retired show horse, 27, gelding, naughty boy

Our longest resident, Keepy has been here since 2003!

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Want to learn more about our farm and plan a visit? Get in touch!

395 South Rd
New Hartford, CT 06057

Home: 860-482-8725   Cell: 860-539-9221

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